The path 2023

Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Inspired by academic research on Romantic sketches and field journaling, “The Path” aims to illustrate the outdoor artist’s studio and cast light on the sketchbook and experiment. Collage becomes both an artistic technique and a means of expressing the unexpected overlap of scientific documentation and distorted memory. Such as the unreal studio-produced Romantic Landscapes, the Path becomes a cabinet of curiosities, collected and narrated through botanical filters.

Botanical Journeys 2023

Botanical art project
An open dialogue between two mountainous rages that share a similar post-coal-mining identity crisis, The Appalachians and the Carpathians, this project emphasized my journeys between the two areas and the exploration of botanical illustration as visual language of disseminating historical and cultural information. “Botanical Journeys” won the ASBA Esther Plotnik Award in 2023 and was exhibited in the William King Museum of Art, Abingdon, VA, in November 2023-February 2024, followed by the Reece Museum, Johnson City, TN, in May 2025-August 2025.

RHS 2022 botanical art & photography

Botanical art competition
The Royal Horticultural Society’s Botanical Art and Photography Show was held at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, in April 2022. My exhibit included six 70×50 mixed-media illustrations of Winter Berries Shrubs in Transylvania. With emphasis on the environmental value of these overlooked plants, my artwork won the silver gilt medal.

Wild flowers of Romania, a botanical history

Curatorial project
The ‘Wild Flowers of Romania, a Botanical History’ exhibition, held at the National Museum of Art in Bucharest in 2019, was a testament to my collaborative spirit. It aimed to map Romanian history through the local interest in flowers expressed in visual arts. This project, a successful collaboration between the museum and private archives, facilitated a rich dialogue between various genres, from still lives to botanical illustrations. It juxtaposed different cultural periods, artistic styles, and technical approaches to the same subjects, creating a unique and comprehensive narrative. The exhibition’s opening also marked the launch of the Transylvania Florilegium in Romania, a botanical art project initiated by His Majesty King Charles III to document the wildflowers of Transylvania.


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