The studio's projects are born out of its main preoccupation for botanical study, and are natural actions and directions of developing both the brand itself and the wonderful community around it.


RSBA was founded in November 2018 at the initiative of Irina Neacșu, designer and botanical artist.
The main purpose of the association is to create a platform that can meet the wishes of all those who are passionate about botanical art, especially artists.
Thus, the association came to take the form of a community, consisting of the founding members, the supportive members and the active members. The website contains information about the active memebrs as well as a gallery of their work.  
Periodically, RSBA is planning events that allows the development of its members and their affirmation as artists.
The association aims to increase the interest for botanical art in Romania, by bringing artists to the highest level of mastery in drawing and painting techniques.
It also ensures that each member is promoted and benefits from all the advantages that belonging to such an association can bring.  
More information about RSBA can be found here:


We expect you to visit us also at the workshop, we always have beautiful works on display. You just have to call or leave us a message before you come.


Calendar 2020

Wall calendar

Dimension: 40x25cm

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Gift box 1

-        Calendar 2020
-        Sweatshirt with design after original composition in watercolor – available size:xs, s, m, l
-        Plant mix. Available varieties: chamomile and lavender, elderberry and wild thyme
Box dimension: 32x42cm

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Gift box 2

-        Pillow with botanical print – dimension: 40x40cm
-        Set of 4 notebooks, format A6
-        Scented candle: top notes: mandarine and ivy, midnotes: balm and jasmine flowers, basic notes: ylang ylang and cocos
-        Box dimension: 42x32cm

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