Logo or Coat of Arms?
8 November 2016, MAKING OF

I don`t do logos. But I had to do mine, as a coat of arms describing myself as an artist in short, concise and solid notions that catch the essence of my work. I guess it came as a response to all those questions that travel through my brain while I work; basically it`s the heart that`s working, not the brain, that`s why it has time to ask complicated questions that only call for more work. “You do so many things, what is the red thread that connects them?” “If you`d have to pick up just one thing to represent and fulfil you, what would that be, workwise? “ “Don’t you feel you`re losing yourself in too many directions, instead of better focus on just one?” And of course, “How do you find your inspiration?” Well, here are some thoughts and facts: For me, breathing functions both anatomical and emotional; it is that most natural something that keeps me alive, that turns into panic in its absence. Drawing and painting, this it is my first and most active emotional language, therefore it is the main channel of energy switch, a channel that I open, clean, refresh and train daily. Therefore, all my works, chairs, illustrations, interiors, photography, they are all based on drawing and painting. This is the base of myself as artist, designer, whatever you`d like to label me. And then, it comes to what inspires me. That will be nature; in any shape, form, temperature or season; again and again, I go outdoors to absorb colours and textures, to watch perfection and to fill my every cell with beauty. There will always be fresh flowers on my working desk, so as there will always be fresh air in my room, and fresh plans of spending some time outdoors. For me, this combo of nature and drawing/painting is that healthy slice of bread on top of which any toppings can be added. I guess no matter topping life ads, if there is a healthy happy base to it, then it will always be a fun challenge, and not a problem. Therefore, in an year that turned out to be one of major changes, my new website is up, proudly introducing the e-shop addition, my new collection is work in progress, and the definition of who I am as an artist, together with my team, is stronger than ever.


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