The recent portfolio of the Irina Neacsu Studio includes both collections and commissioned works. Watercolos and pencil on paper, oil on canvas and mixed techniques, all of these carefully combined to draw a complex botanical universe that can welcome projects from various segment, such as gastronomy, pharmacy, education, fashion and much more. Irina Neacsu Studio delivers both original works, digital images, art prints and further on, custom design objects of botanical inspiration. All of these are signed by Irina Neacsu, and any kind of reproduction is not allowed, excepting the contracts that have this matter settled.


We expect you to visit us also at the workshop, we always have beautiful works on display. You just have to call or leave us a message before you come.


Plantable paper

Plantable paper is a 100% ecological, bio-degradable product, made by hand from recycled paper. When the paper is planted in the ground, the seeds germinate and grow, the paper degrades, and what remains are flowers and herbs, thus becoming the perfect gift for lovers of life and nature.


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Birthday calendar

The images are reproductions after Irina Neacsu's botanical illustrations, printed on recycled paper.

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Greeting card Happy New Year

Greeting card made from recycled paper.

Size: A5 format, 10,5x14,8cm

The greeting card comes with a kraft envelope.

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