My Yellow Week
20 December 2016, LIFE STYLE

My students keep asking me about the meaning of colours, in terms of translating feelings and emotions; and every time I avoid answering, because I know it will only be a formal paragraph that they want to hear and write down, to remember later. Vest might say that warm colours stand for solar attitude, while cold one for a more introvert one. East might say that colour are related to the chakras, therefore we don’t discuss in terms of warm and cold, but high and low. I would summarize my way of working with colours as a random mix of personal mood, season light, trends, inspiration – in my case, mostly from outdoor scenery. This week, for example, is yellow. Almost a full 7 days pack of yellow; that is why, maybe, without acknowledging it until now that I’m writing this, I am wearing yellow pans. I started my week on a Sunday, or better said Sun-Day. It just felt yellow mellow, was the first day of something new, having no idea where it might go. So I had a light afternoon with my girlfriends and had some white yellow wine, bought myself cute yellow flowers. Home, I saw the funny colour coordination with my fruits, which just happened to be all yellow in that particular day. And then, next days, among all kinds of rushes and deadlines, I discovered a funny, noisy family of chaffinch in my office garden. I really felt like time stood by, watching their yellow chests breathing out so many thrills. I had to remember of our chaffinch chair, which just got sold a few hours after this moment. The other day I saw the most amazing sunny rain sky, that again, filled my brain and heart with yellow. And of course, yesterday night I had to paint yellow, a drawing that was waiting for me for a while now; I guess it was just waiting in line for the yellow mood to come. Even the friend that visited me yesterday was wearing a yellow blouse. I thought yellow stands for mellow, but now, after one week of yellow, I feel yellow stands for sun; sun-days. In a funny way, I just did today a black and blue mood board for a project. So, no, it doesn’t always go on the outside, the inside, even when it comes to colours. I guess some colours are to be kept inside and to be watched and enjoyed as they exist, not as precise meanings of feelings, like a sort of zodiac, where all people born in January are like me, they have to. I only feel blessed to acknowledge these colourful moments, to see mood patterns, to step outside myself and watch each of every single moments that make me vibrate, just as they are, with no intention of bringing them further into some sets of rules about the meaning of the colours. I know my next drawing will be dark blue, now because of my mood board that I just did today, but because I am still working on that botanical collection where I have to keep up with the natural rhythm of flowers. Still have an eye on these funny colours, it’s a fascinating waste of time to watch them come and go, and mostly, to start understanding when it’s time to go with their flow and while flowing, to reach, right there, my most creative and sensorial state. I guess it’s like being in a train station, watching trains come and go, and just feeling which one is yours, for the next ride.


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