Herbal wellness


Botanical care for dogs with merry tails and paws


Ingredients: dried and chopped rosemary and sage

Antiseptics and antibacterials, rosemary and sage help any upset stomach. We recommend the mixture for addition to cooking or directly in the bowl, when the puppy has an upset stomach, either from changing food or from chewing inappropriate things.

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This product is based on wild plants from Transylvania, harvested responsibly and carefully prepared, in small series, 100% natural, without preservatives or synthetic additives. The plants are harvested on hills and alpine pastures, beewax comes from hives from unpolluted areas and the essential oils and begetable oils used are organic. We recommend to protect this product from sunlight and keep it preferably in a cool place, this way the product can be used for a long time, without being perishable. Because the ingredients are natural, there are generally no allergic reactions.