Documenting Beauty
13 December 2016, MAKING OF

I am #inlovewithnature. That is no news anymore. I wander, I collect impressions on colours and textures, I observe sounds and smells, I let myself open for all what is the Present, I enjoy not doing anymore, but being. Happy, mostly. Then I come back to my working table and I translate all those feelings into design, illustration, projects, ideas. Recently, I started working on my new collection, to be launched at MO 2016. So I bring Nature home and draw. It is an experience that I cannot compare with anything else, the way that hours pass watching these flowers and drawing, while they live their life and eventually die, right there, in front of me. It is like witnessing death while documenting beauty, in a matter of hours. If I look closely enough, it is like I`d see them breathing. They bloom, they expend their most precious moments of absolute beauty, then they die. Sometimes, I manage to finish my drawing simultaneously. Sometimes, I challenge my memory to help hand reproduce. These many hours of drawing explain better than any books I`ve read, what means Present. Just let myself explore the very presence of the moment without being anywhere else. I experience this in many other ways, of course, mostly doing extreme sports or any other form of total focusing. But never with the full consciousness of ephemeral; this it is a story about admitting the fact that all is ephemeral, and in the end is moments of inner happiness that count, more than any memory or perspective. With great blessing I am thankful for every experience that teaches me happiness as a state of mind, not as a status. And working on this collection soon to come, becomes one of the best teachers I`ve had so far. Looking forward to see the final outcome, of course, but enjoying the process meanwhile.


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