Creation, Inspiration, Love
24 December 2016, MAKING OF

What can I say, I love flowers! my daily search for inspiration always seem to lead me towards natural, organic shapes and colors. I escape the city as often as I can to wander through woods and to climb cliffs, I love holidays in the county side, I still collect leafs in autumn, and brunches in spring; and when I can’t escape the city I love buying myself flowers and watch them bloom, follow their breath and moves through every day of their life. I feel time stops when I dive into their perfection. Is like sneaking into a micro cosmos of slow motion. I used to hide this joy of mine for years even from myself, as every time I’d remember my tutor from my master course back in Rome; he’d say flowers is not a good modern subject for painting. I dreamed of becoming a good painter, therefore developing valuable themes and modern subject would be compulsory. What he forgot to mention, in his rush of developing my skills, was that all masterpieces are born from love, with love. As long as I feel love pulsating through my veins, there is no chance of mistake, of frivolity, of superficiality. Years after my Rome experience, I sit in front of a blank page and I understand I cannot create emotion if not fed with emotion. So I allow myself to dive into the perfect serenity of my flower pot and to let love flow as it is the only reality that I am given to live. An enormous love for beauty, for all.


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