My Yellow Week

20 decembrie 2016

My students keep asking me about the meaning of colours, in terms of translating feelings and emotions; and every time I avoid answering, because I know it will only be a formal paragraph that they want to hear and write down, to remember later. Vest might say that warm colours stand for solar attitude, while […]

Feelings and Moods at the Drawing Table

19 decembrie 2016

I keep saying, and being proud while doing it, that I am the kind of artist that reaches the best of the creative process when happy. And as I go along with my art, describing in illustrations and designs, my feelings, I got used to acknowledging them, peacefully looking at them and accepting their flow. […]

B-BV, Chapter One – THE JOURNEY

11 decembrie 2016

It`s been already four months since I decided to take the risk and give it a try. Yes, sometimes fulfilling a dream comes as the biggest panic on Earth. And then some more, as you feed yourself with reasons to actualy believe it’s the right thing to do, all those dearest friends around you keep […]