Open Doors at Casa Opt, 27th of February, 2016

27 decembrie 2016

We open these door every day when we come to our office, workshop, showroom, joy factory, call it as you wish. We call it Casa Opt, the place that reminds us every day why we do love our job, why we are blessed and happy with all costs. And because we love so much to […]

Creation, Inspiration, Love

24 decembrie 2016

What can I say, I love flowers! my daily search for inspiration always seem to lead me towards natural, organic shapes and colors. I escape the city as often as I can to wander through woods and to climb cliffs, I love holidays in the county side, I still collect leafs in autumn, and brunches […]

My Yellow Week

20 decembrie 2016

My students keep asking me about the meaning of colours, in terms of translating feelings and emotions; and every time I avoid answering, because I know it will only be a formal paragraph that they want to hear and write down, to remember later. Vest might say that warm colours stand for solar attitude, while […]

Feelings and Moods at the Drawing Table

19 decembrie 2016

I keep saying, and being proud while doing it, that I am the kind of artist that reaches the best of the creative process when happy. And as I go along with my art, describing in illustrations and designs, my feelings, I got used to acknowledging them, peacefully looking at them and accepting their flow. […]

why blogging?

because the story is so much more than the final version of it. My work is much more than that chair that you (hopefully) love. My happiness, my inspiration, my travels, food, friends, wanders and wonders – you name it – these are all parts of what makes me be the creator of that same […]

Documenting Beauty

13 decembrie 2016

I am #inlovewithnature. That is no news anymore. I wander, I collect impressions on colours and textures, I observe sounds and smells, I let myself open for all what is the Present, I enjoy not doing anymore, but being. Happy, mostly. Then I come back to my working table and I translate all those feelings […]

B-BV, Chapter One – THE JOURNEY

11 decembrie 2016

It`s been already four months since I decided to take the risk and give it a try. Yes, sometimes fulfilling a dream comes as the biggest panic on Earth. And then some more, as you feed yourself with reasons to actualy believe it’s the right thing to do, all those dearest friends around you keep […]

Atelierele de Weekend

5 decembrie 2016

„Atelierele de Weekend” este numele sub care se desfășoară, la showroomul Irina Neacșu Studio din București, workshopuri creative de durată scurtă (ateliere de câte 3 ore), ca exerciții de creativitate în cele mai diverse tehnici. Fiecare sesiune are o tematică distinctă și se referă, dincolo de concept, și la materiale și tehnici diferite. Atelierele de […]

Logo or Coat of Arms?

8 noiembrie 2016

I don`t do logos. But I had to do mine, as a coat of arms describing myself as an artist in short, concise and solid notions that catch the essence of my work. I guess it came as a response to all those questions that travel through my brain while I work; basically it`s the […]

Inspiratia mea. pentru Brasov.24Fun

7 martie 2016

Scriu rândurile astea în timp ce mă aflu în acel loc imposibil de descris: birou-atelier-showroom-spațiu creativ-fabrică de frumos/-ul meu. Aici azi se petrece o zi de tip Open Doors, ocazie cu care ne cunoaștem și revedem clienții și prietenii. Întâlnirile astea vin mereu într-un mod neașteptat, deși sunt cât se poate de așteptate. Astăzi, ele […]