why blogging?
19 December 2016, MAKING OF

because the story is so much more than the final version of it. My work is much more than that chair that you (hopefully) love. My happiness, my inspiration, my travels, food, friends, wanders and wonders – you name it – these are all parts of what makes me be the creator of that same chair you meanwhile decided to buy. And it all might not be a model, but an inspirational example. Blogging is my first attempt to also express myself in words not only in brush strokes, and to share with you bits and pieces of my story behind the projects&objects that carry my signature. I do hope these posts will be a good inspiration for happy moods, colorful days and daring steps towards whomever you wish to become. Today, looking for some sketches, I found these ones, the drawings of a recently finished project that was featured a couple of months after. Seing the ”before” and ”after”, I remember all the work, the fun, the worries, the missunderstandings, the mistakes, the happiness, the clients, the team; a process of three months that became a Home for our clients and a Joy for us. How is it to see your work featured in a magazine? Well, it’s like opening a box of memories with the feeling of blessing them for bringing you here. That’s why the backstage story is the real content creator, and it’s worth saying.


  1. Daiana says:

    Love your work so much, and thanks for sharing this with us!

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